MPS Goes Green

Green Reports provide available information on schools electricity, and gas usage, as well as the amount of trash, mixed recyclables, and, if applicable, organics recyclables collected by Allied Waste each month. MPS is taking steps to become more sustainable and ‘green.’ These reports display the results of some of these steps, and are meant to serve as benchmarks for schools. They are also tools for comparison, and a means to see where improvements could be made. For example, schools of comparable size should be recycling roughly the same amounts of materials, if this is not the case for your school, then the school community should think about implementing measure to increase recycling. See the MPS Goes Green site for resources. http://mpsgoesgreen.mpls.k12.mn.us/Home.html

To use the Report choose the building you are interested in, and then select the year and month you would like the data for. Lastly, click the view report button. The view report button must be clicked again to refresh the data, if changes to the school or month selected are made.

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